Search Engine Optimization

Having better positions than competitors in the most frequently used search engines will give you more prominence, more visits and more conversions eventually. Over the past years Technado has proudly made companies visible by employing legitimate “white hat” optimization and link building tactics. Our SEO program is transparent and easy to track. We are Reliable hub for all your SEO needs!

Keyword Research

Strong keyword research builds great SEO campaign. It is a process that helps you know about customer’s concerns and questions. Want to make your campaign keyword targeted, take first step towards us.

SEO Onsite

No matter how much off site content you have published or links you have created, you are like a dead fish in the water without strong onsite optimization. Swim like a pro with our SEO onsite services.

Recovery From Penalties

Has your site been penalized by Google? We will help you recover from it by analyzing issues poor navigation, insufficient/duplicate content, poor site speed etc. we have breadth and width to the job.

Link Building Strategies

Every link is important and definite impact on you website performance. Drive relevant traffic on your site and build authority on good with our proven link building strategies.


Has your site ever experienced significant drop in traffic? Our highly talented professionals can quickly identify the impact of any algorithm taking hold on your site and knock out the bug by using efficient strategies.

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