Enterprise Solutions

Anyone who has purchased online, played a web video, downloaded music or logged in to work remotely is likely to have used Technado’s enterprise solutions. As one of the world’s leading IT service providers, Techando helps companies deliver high-performance, secure user experiences on any device and from any location. Based on our Intelligent Platform our enterprise solutions have a global reach with unprecedented reliability, visibility and visibility in online businesses.

CRM System

Drive customer loyalty and increase business revenues by providing exceptional customer experiences. All CRM toolset is one solution to all your business needs.

ERP System

Set yourself on the right growth path and become a unique business with our ERP system. From consultation to implementation and support, we have command in all!

Process Automation

Well-chosen automation solution can pick you up from the ground and take you to the skies. The differentiation that we offer to our clients makes us the best. We know what you need – always.

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